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Opportunity for Civil (Structural) at US Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District

Know an engineer that has experience in the area of structural analyses AND inspecting structural elements (GS-11); or experience designing structural features AND performing technical reviews of structural designs developed by others (GS-12)?  If so, please forward this to them and suggest they apply.  They can find tips below and in the announcement under Required Document, click What to include in your resume link to increase their chance of getting selected.



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Engineer and Construction Division; Design Branch; Structural Design Section

Location:  Walla Walla, Washington

Open & closing dates:  06/07/2022 to 07/18/2022?

Salary:  $66,214 – $103,176 per year

Pay scale & grade:  GS 11/12

Appointment type:  Permanent

Work schedule:  Full-time

Service:  Competitive

Open to all U.S. Citizens:

Announcement number:  WTHG227178435981HAS

Control number:  658220000


  1. Resume – Customize your resume to this announcement!  A generic resume does not work.  Use the “Specialized Experience” in the announcement to show you have the required skills at the next lower grade with dates, grade, duties/experience CLEARLY explained.   It’s going to take more than a one page resume, but don’t go much over 4 pages if you want it to be read.  Include the phone number for your supervisors.  Look at the list of responsibilities/duties for hints of what is important to the supervisor and elaborate on those topic in your resume.  More resume writing tips provide in the announcement under “Required Documents”.
  1. SF50 – Optional as this is targeting U.S. citizens who are not Federal employees.
  1. DD214 – Upload if you are a veteran.  Upload the DD214 that shows you were honorably discharged and the Veterans Preference Letter if you have one showing 30% more or less disabled.  Not required to apply for this position but recommended.
  1.  Cover Letter – Optional, but if you have a true interest in working for the Walla Walla Corps of Engineers and are, or want to become part of this community, this is where you tell the hiring panel.  Technical skills go in the resume, this is about 3 paragraphs to explain why the supervisor should call you for an interview.

Bonus info:  The selection panel only sees your resume and cover letter.  No need to upload examples of your work, but you could add a link to your work in your resume.  Note announcement closing time is not local time.